The Art of Customer Service

Tip O’Neill said, “All politics is local.” It’s true. And for us, we treat every campaign like it’s “local.” What…

Tip O’Neill said, “All politics is local.”

It’s true. And for us, we treat every campaign like it’s “local.”

What does that mean? Well, it means we think of every campaign as our only campaign.

Quality, responsive, smart customer service is the foundation of Majority Strategies.

No two campaigns are alike, and we have structured our company to ensure every client is given the attention, focus, and responsiveness they need and deserve.

We liken ourselves to what you’d find at the best TV firm. At 5 o’clock when your campaign comes under fire and a vicious attack ad against you airs, what’s your first move? You call your TV firm.

Within minutes, you’re on a conference call with your team, including your manager, your producer, and your general consultant. You agree to a plan, and within an hour or two you have a script. Just a few hours later, your final ad is cut and approved. By midnight, stations have your response in hand, and your ad is on air by the 5AM news the next morning.

That’s how quickly we work, too.

Majority Strategies isn’t a run-of-the-mill voter contact mail firm. We’re different.

We’re bigger. We’re more responsive. We’re the most experienced. We’re the most trusted.

Our size gives us our strength. We have the horsepower to get the job done – no matter the time of year or time of day. We’re here, and we’re ready.

Just like your best TV firm, when you come home from a day on the campaign trail and find an attack ad against you in your mailbox, call us.

Within hours, we will write and design your response and get it in your hands for approval. Then we’ll crank up one of the hundreds of presses we use around the country, get your response piece printed and to the mailshop within hours, and be in the postal system the next day.

That’s service. That’s the Majority Strategies difference.

Do you want a firm that works 9 to 5, or one that’s there when you need them?

Do you want a firm that gets you a draft of your mail piece in days, or one that gets you drafts in mere hours?

Do you want a firm that turns edits around in a day or two, or one that turns them around in a minute or two?

Sure, there are other voter contact mail firms, but there is only one Majority Strategies.

At Majority Strategies, we have as many seasoned project managers and full-time writers and graphic designers as other firms have clients.

We care about our clients, no matter how big the race or how small the budget.

When you call, we answer.

It’s all “local” to us.