Facebook: The Rules Are Changing

Facebook: The Rules Are Changing
May 15, 2018
Reid Vineis

As we’ve talked about previously, one of the reasons many advertisers like Facebook is the strong targeting capabilities built directly into the platform.

But Facebook has been in the news a lot lately, and just a few weeks ago announced sweeping changes to its platform, including new rules for political campaigns.

As of now, Facebook will be creating a public archive of political ads and disclosing how much money was spent on the ad. The number of impressions and the demographic of the audience reached will also be made available to anyone who wants to see it. This is in addition to Facebook verifying political advertisers’ identities.

Things are changing and are bound to change again (and again and again) through the remainder of the 2018 election cycle as Facebook faces congressional scrutiny and the calls to #DeleteFacebook grow.

Facebook is only one part of a larger digital eco-system, but even more importantly, there are problems with the platform.

We can help you navigate the new rules and ensure you maximize your social media advertising dollars …

(In addition to our experienced digital team, Mike Senich, our Director of Sales Operations, is the former Client Partner for Republican Politics on the Facebook U.S. Politics & Advocacy team and brings his extensive knowledge of the platform to Majority Strategies.)

… but if you are relying exclusively on Facebook to reach your target audience, you are making a big mistake.

Remember mobile.

"The digital landscape is constantly changing. After the dot com bubble burst in 2000, less than 50% of tech companies survived through to 2004. Smart investors hedge, and smart campaigns need a strategy that hedges how they deliver their message so they don't miss opportunities to connect with the voter." 
RJ Caster, Director of Digital Operations

Majority Strategies offers the opportunity to reach people on over 200,000 apps and websites.

The additional benefits of mobile advertising? More reporting data minus the extreme disclosure requirements of Facebook.

Learn more about mobile advertising here, and contact our strategists today to get started.

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