Delivering Emotions

Delivering Emotions
November 9, 2017
Randy Kammerdiener

Have you downloaded and read our “Why Mail?” guide yet? If not, get your copy here.

In it, you’ll learn why mail is considered one of the most trusted ways of delivering a message and persuading and motivating a targeted audience.

How does a successful mail piece do all of that?


A recent study looked at the neuroscience behind direct mail’s effectiveness and found that print advertising and its physical property create a powerful, emotional, and memorable connection with people. Direct mail hits multiple senses, including touch, which creates a strong emotional reaction – and better recall than digital, too.

Let’s learn more about how to use different emotions in direct mail to gain your audience’s trust and create a lasting and impactful message.

Joy and happiness help deliver a positive, forward-thinking message.

Use Cases:






Anger motivates many voters to get to the polls.

Use Cases:

Tax Issue Pieces (Contrast, Attack}

Spending Issue Pieces (Contrast, Attack}

Education Issue Pieces (Contrast, Attack)

Tapping into the heart of an issue taps into voters’ hearts and minds as well.

            Use Cases:

            Social Conservative Issue Pieces (Positive, Contrast, Attack)

            Jobs and Economy Issue Pieces (Contrast, Attack)

Fear won’t stop people in their tracks – fear motivates.

            Use Cases:

            2nd Amendment Issue Pieces (Positive, Contrast, Attack)

            Jobs and Economy Issue Pieces (Positive, Contrast, Attack)

            National Security Issue Pieces (Positive, Contrast, Attack)

Emotions are key to delivering a message across any medium.

Mail. Digital. Mobile.

Remember, the most important thing is that you connect.

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