These Palmcards Were Made for Walking.

These Palmcards Were Made for Walking: Print Advertising
March 14, 2017
Randy Kammerdiener

What Goes Into Creating a Great Palmcard?

Whether talking to consumers, constituents or voters, a great palmcard for grassroots advocacy and door-to-door efforts shares certain characteristics.

1. Good photography

We can’t say it enough. Good photography makes great direct mail and print. Certainly print relies heavily on photography, but palmcards need that strong visual “punch” to grab the recipient’s attention at the door. You don’t want your palmcards to look like the junk mail they throw in the trash or recycling everyday. Your palmcard needs to look professional, and photography can make or break it.

2. Strong tagline

What goes into writing a strong tagline? We talked about the power of words here, and palmcards are a great example of needing to be quick and to the point. Your tagline needs to carry the message – if for no other reason than the lack of space on a palmcard prevents much in the way of elaboration.

3. Clear call to action

You’re walking door-to-door for a reason, so be sure to give those people a reason to take the next step with you. Do you want them to call and make an appointment? Visit your website? Sign up for more information? If the goal of the tagline is to deliver your message, the goal of the call to action is to deliver your return on investment.

We’ve shown a few examples here, but palmcards come in all shapes and sizes, including a variety of folding options. Depending on your goals and budget, we can help you determine what will work best for you. Get started with us today.