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New Audiences for 2020

Coming soon, Election Day 2020. Campaigns can no longer afford to wait until the final 30 to 60 days to raise money, increase their name ID, and persuade voters to support them.

Coming soon, Election Day 2020.

Campaigns can no longer afford to wait until the final 30 to 60 days to raise money, increase their name ID, and persuade voters to support them.

Now is the time to start talking to voters, not October of 2020.

Who are those voters? Where do you find them? What medium?

Data plays an important role in building your voter contact plans.

Together with Causeway Solutions, we can help you identify new audiences of voters who may be critical to your ultimate success on Election Day.

Let’s take a look at a sample of the types of audiences conservative candidates may need to build into their voter contact plans. These audiences can be identified in all 50 states and at every level:

GOP Activists
Looking to grow your list of campaign volunteers? Whether trying to identify activists who will vocalize their support online or ones who will go door to door for your campaign or attend a rally, our likely GOP Activist audience will help your campaign identify supporters for online and offline activities.

GOP Primary Voters
Worried about facing a tough primary challenger? Get a head start at either introducing yourself for the first time or sharing your legislative accomplishments with frequent GOP Primary Voters.


GOP Donor Prospects
Raising campaign funds is no simple task but imperative to your campaign’s overall success.  We are constantly updating our GOP Donor models to ensure our clients see the highest ROI in both their online and offline fundraising campaigns.


Missing MAGA Voters
While President Trump continues to maintain high levels of support among his base, there were a number of these voters who did not turn out in the 2018 election – despite voting for the President in 2016. These voters will need additional attention to ensure they turn out in 2020.


Republican Disengagers

Across the country, there have been a group of once reliable GOP voters who have been moving away from supporting Republican candidates over the past two years. This movement away from the Republican Party has also translated to a decline in enthusiasm to vote among these voters – resulting in FEWER reliable GOP votes our candidates can expect on Election Day. In a hostile election cycle – with early signs of increased Democrat enthusiasm, the GOP cannot afford to lose any of these votes. These voters will need early engagement and a combination of persuasion and turnout messaging to ensure they turn out and support a Republican candidate on Election Day.


Democrat Disengagers

At the same time, as both State and National Democrats continue to overreach and push far-left initiatives such as the Green New Deal, an audience of Democrat voters have emerged that have been steadily moving AWAY from the Democrat Party and are now open to supporting a Republican candidate. In order to capitalize on these voters’ recent political shifts, they will need to be consistently reminded why they started moving away from the Democrat base in the first place.

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