Mobile Advertising: First and Last Is Everything.

Wake up. Grab your smartphone. Check it another 149 times during the day. Go to sleep. Repeat. Here in the…

Wake up.

Grab your smartphone.

Check it another 149 times during the day.

Go to sleep.


Here in the United States, we are addicted to our smartphones.

  • We NEED to know what the weather is outside without looking out the windows.
  • We NEED to know our fantasy football standings in our work league before we get into the office.
  • We NEED to know who liked our Facebook post, shared our tweet and saw the photos we posted.

On average, we spend over 3 hours a day on our smartphones and tablets. Every day.

Over 90% of people keep their phones within 3 feet of themselves a full 24 hours a day. Our smartphones are often the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we see before we go to sleep.

Our phones are a personal extension of ourselves. They make us feel connected.

We communicate with people on our mobile devices, get our news, look at photos, watch videos and listen to music.

A full 25% of ALL media consumption is now taking place on handheld devices. That’s ALL media.

And that means as more people cut the cord on cable, their eyes are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets.

Our mobile devices are now our TVs, radios, books, magazines and photo albums all in one. It’s where we look. All. Day. Long.

You know who’s paying attention to where people are looking?


Corporate advertisers are shifting their ad dollars to mobile in a big way. At this time next year, advertisers will reach $100 billion in spending on mobile advertising, and mobile will be where the majority of digital advertising dollars are spent.

One of the reasons for this is that 67% of people visit an advertiser’s site after seeing their mobile ad.

Corporate advertisers get it. They’re fishing where the fish are and putting their products where people can see them from morning to night.

The political consultants at Majority Strategies get it, too.

The shift to mobile as the 1st screen is happening, and it’s time Republican political campaigns, state party committees and super PACs shift their spending and put 10-20% of their paid media budget into mobile advertising.

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