Case Study: Ohio Pork Council's Bacon Vending Machine

Case Study: Ohio Pork Council's Bacon Vending Machine
February 19, 2019
Mike Bir

For a nine-day period in December 2018, the Ohio Pork Council partnered with Smithfield, Hormel and Sugardale to donate a bacon vending machine to The Ohio State University.

The Goal
The main goal of this campaign was to promote pork products, specifically bacon, and pork farmers to Ohio consumers. The team developed the “bacon vending machine” as a unique way to draw attention to this topic and pivot the conversation to pork farmers giving back to the community.

The Plan
A comprehensive digital advertising campaign targeted The Ohio State University’s campus to ensure publicity for the bacon vending machine. Included in the advertising campaign were two flights of display advertisements. The first set of ads prior to the launch of the machine teased its delivery and encouraged clicks to the website to learn more. The second set of ads ran throughout the duration of the machine’s time on campus and encouraged recipients to click to the website to find directions to its location.

496,000 Impressions*

1,394,271 Impressions*

*Targeting OSU’s Campus Only

The Results
1,100 News Articles
Over 6,470 Social Mentions
Earned Media Coverage Across Top-Tier National Publications, Including:

  • Fox News
  • USA Today
  • Associated Press
  • U.S. News & World Report

Key Takeaway
The executed digital plan ensured awareness of the vending machine and the client’s goal. Additionally, Majority Strategies worked closely with the client on their earned media efforts, encouraging them to take advantage of every opportunity possible to promote what became a viral campaign.

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