#MeetMajority: Our Most Memorable Wins

In our 20 years of experience, Majority Strategies has been fortunate to work with many winning candidates, from those seeking…

In our 20 years of experience, Majority Strategies has been fortunate to work with many winning candidates, from those seeking the Courthouse to the White House and all offices in between across the nation.

In this week’s edition of #MeetMajority, we asked three of our strategists about their most memorable victory and the lessons they learned from the race.

Anthony Ramirez, State Strategist:
“The most recent race I worked with is one of my most memorable – the Louisiana House District 8 Special Election. Our candidate had virtually no name recognition and was facing a sitting State Senator’s brother and another candidate who had run for the seat before.

“Donors and PACs were hesitant to support until we showed that we could move the numbers with our targeted mobile advertising. In a matter of weeks, our client won the primary and subsequent runoff in impressive fashion.”

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Kelli Commers, State Strategist:
“My most memorable win came with the opportunity we had to help a longtime friend of mine in his first campaign. As a first-time candidate in a race for a state senate seat, our client faced an uphill battle, but we helped secure victory by a razor thin margin of less than 200 votes.

“His victory was very important because it gave Republicans a majority in the Minnesota State Senate.”

Majority Strategies has proudly been a part of 20 state legislative takeovers. Learn more about our elections experience here.

Jason McBride, Senior National Strategist:
“The most memorable win I’ve been a part of was the presidential primary in 2012. In the spring of 2011, literally days after the birth of our first child, my family and I packed up and moved from the D.C. area to New Hampshire to run Mitt Romney’s campaign there.

“New Hampshire campaigns are like nothing else in America. The primary voters there are informed, unwaveringly patriotic, and true believers in their ‘first in the nation’ primary status. They have enormously high expectations of the candidates, and to win, you must literally meet voters one-on-one to earn their vote.

“On January 10th, 2012, Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary by a wide margin, and we did it the New Hampshire way. We worked hard and focused on meeting voters in coffee shops, in their homes, and at dozens of local town halls. This win was by far my most memorable win because it put Mitt Romney on the path to securing the Republican nomination in 2012.”

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