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#MeetMajority: Mike Manley

Mike Manley brings 15 years of experience marketing, lobbying and winning elections to the Majority Strategies team as our Florida State Strategist….

Mike Manley brings 15 years of experience marketing, lobbying and winning elections to the Majority Strategies team as our Florida State Strategist.

Prior to coming to Majority Strategies, this 7th generation Floridian and graduate of Florida State University worked for the Florida Lottery as a Director of Legislative Affairs, Deputy Chief of Staff, and Education Ambassador.

Get to know State Strategist Mike Manley in today’s #MeetMajority.

Best day on the campaign trail?
I remember one election night having a victory speech for my candidate in one pocket and a concession speech in the other. When we reached the point where we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we had won – and I could tear the concession speech up – that was a pretty epic high point. I was so exhausted and happy, but I remember checking the envelope like 10 times to make sure I didn’t rip up the wrong one.

Toughest lesson learned?
In campaigns, it’s very important to follow your instincts, and you really do have to listen to your heart as well as your head on a lot of things, but when you let your heart overpower your head, you’re always setting yourself up for a tough lesson. Learning how to keep a good balance of what you want to happen vs. what you can realistically expect to happen is critical to anyone who works in campaigns.

Favorite campaign tactic?
I always enjoyed door knocking in the opponent’s neighborhood. It’s one of those small things that is sure to annoy your opponent, but 9 out of 10 times, you’re also going to learn something about them that you didn’t know before.  (Bonus points if you can get a yard sign in a neighbor’s yard!)

Favorite eats from your home state?
I’m one of those rare Floridians that doesn’t like seafood. Florida is the home base of a lot of different franchises, but if I had to pick a specific “Florida” food, it’s hard to go wrong with a Publix Sub. If you’ve never had one, you can’t really appreciate it.

Describe your greatest accomplishment.
That’s a hard one for me to answer, although getting my wife to marry me is pretty high on the list.

Name one of your “weird” hobbies or habits.
When I lived in Tallahassee, I built a stage in my backyard and used to host concerts and house shows for a lot of different musical acts. My house sort of turned into a makeshift traveling band hotel of sorts. It was always a great time, and I got to meet a lot of interesting people.

When and where are you happiest?
I’m happiest when I’m with my family, and we are free to just relax and do something together that we enjoy.

What motivates you to tackle the day?
I like having the sense of accomplishing something. I also love that my work allows me to give others a real tangible sense of accomplishing something in their campaign.

What’s the best gift/kindest gesture you’ve ever received?
Being a parent really helps me appreciate the sacrifices my parents made for me growing up (and even still today). I’ve also had some really great friends and mentors and those relationships are invaluable to me because they have helped form the person that I am.

Thanks, Mike!

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