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#MeetMajority Joe Shashaty

Get to know Joe Shashaty in this edition of #MeetMajority.

State Strategist Joe Shashaty joined the Majority Strategies team with experience on both state and federal campaigns. In addition to his extensive political experience in California, Joe recently graduated from UC Hastings Law School in San Francisco. As a law student, he was offered prestigious and competitive internships at the United States Attorney’s Office in San Diego and San Francisco, working with federal prosecutors to enforce federal law. While in law school, Joe’s political activism continued as he teamed up with the California College Republicans to form the Hastings Republicans.

Get to know Joe in this edition of #MeetMajority.

Where is your hometown?
I was born and raised in sunny Burbank, California, which is a city within Los Angeles County.

How many cities have you lived in?
I’ve lived in four different cities. During college, I moved out of home for the first time to Pomona, California, where I attended Cal Poly Pomona. After that, I moved to San Francisco for law school. During law school, I lived in San Diego for about 3 months because I had a summer internship there.

What was your first campaign?
My first campaign was with Sean Flynn, who was a candidate for Congress. Sean ran in a tough district, but the people I met working on the campaign and the unique district he ran in made it one of my most memorable career experiences.

Where do you get your news?
I like getting news from sources with different approaches. I like reading The Wall Street Journal and then following it up with The New York Times. I find that my beliefs are more grounded when I’ve read both sides.

How would your best friend describe you in three words?
Aside from “Abnormally. Good. Looking.”, I would say loyal, ambitious, and helpful/generous.

What’s on your bucket list?
I have a lot, especially in the realm of traveling. I would love to travel to the Vatican. I’d also love to visit the Middle East when it’s safer. Being from a Middle Eastern background, I would love to see the personal and world history it has to offer for me.

What motivates you to tackle the day?
I’m motivated by the simple idea that we can determine the trajectory of our life. We all have one shot at this thing, and if you don’t tackle it head on, you may look back and regret it. I never want to live with any regrets. I’m also motivated by my loved ones who have done so much to put me in a position to succeed.

Why Majority Strategies?
What I love about Majority Strategies is the goal- and client-oriented approach among the team. Everyone I’ve met at Majority Strategies is honest, hard-working, and competitive. More than anything else, they want to win for their client and that is exactly the culture I was looking for in a firm to join. Additionally, Majority Strategies is ahead of the game in terms of the services it provides. Combining both the competitive spirit and the top-quality data, digital, and print services in politics, Majority Strategies will continue to produce successful results for our clients.

Thanks, Joe!

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