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#MeetMajority: Evan Stewart

Evan Stewart’s career path has led him across multiple states, winding along the campaign trail before bringing him to Majority…

Evan Stewart’s career path has led him across multiple states, winding along the campaign trail before bringing him to Majority Strategies in 2012.

A Louisiana native and graduate of Louisiana State University who proudly served with Governor Bobby Jindal’s team, Evan’s prior experience ranges from legislative strategy to voter contact, grassroots coordination, and coalition building for a number of statewide campaigns as well as the US Global Leadership Coalition. 

Today, Evan serves as Executive Director of Majority Hunter, a one-of-a-kind Republican operative staffing agency committed to matching talented people with the right political campaigns, official offices, nonprofits, advocacy organizations and more nationwide.

We started the conversation with Evan below, then head over to Majority Hunter to read more. 

How many cities have you lived in?
Six: Alexandria, Louisiana; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Austin, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Omaha, Nebraska; and Jacksonville, Florida.

Now that you live in Jacksonville, what do you miss most about your home state of Louisiana?
From the Cajun culture and crawfish to the Mardi Gras celebrations and sports fanaticism, Louisiana is like none other.

Which app can’t you live without?
Audible. I’ve always shunned the Kindle and iPad crowd because I like the feel of a book in my hands, but a year ago, I used a free credit promotion from Audible and it truly changed my life. I officially got on the bandwagon, and so far, I’ve listened to over 320 hours of audio books. It makes my morning commute, and traveling in general, so much better.

What’s on your bucket list?
It’s kind of long. I want to visit all 7 continents, get an MBA, learn to sail, spend 6 months exploring the Caribbean, and learn to base jump. Nothing major.

Would you say you have good luck or bad luck?
I’m not sure I believe in luck. I think you make your own destiny and things generally turn out the way they’re supposed to. Of course you’ll catch breaks and encounter people who will change your life, but at the end of the day, if you work hard, stick to your morals, and follow your heart, then things tend to work out like you hoped.

Why Majority Strategies?
It all boils down to who you’d want to be in the foxhole with. I worked as a Project Manager for the 2012 cycle, then left to pursue a few other political jobs – the typical operative career track. When I had the chance to return to Majority Strategies in 2014, it was an easy decision. There are great minds across this country, but when you add strong work ethic, creativity, and a genuine family atmosphere, you’ve really got something special. 

Thanks, Evan! Get in touch with Evan today to learn more about Majority Hunter.