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#MeetMajority: A Day in the Life of a Strategy Director

There are some similarities between being a campaign manager and a Majority Strategies strategy director. In fact, many of our…

There are some similarities between being a campaign manager and a Majority Strategies strategy director. In fact, many of our strategy directors join our team after running campaigns big and small across the country.
Our strategy directors are part campaign managers, part jugglers, part mechanics and part magicians. At the center of all the action, the strategy directors must juggle multiple direct mail and digital plans for clients in numerous states running for a variety of offices, fix problems before they arise, and man the action between our clients, strategists, creative team and production specialists.

In this #MeetMajority, let’s take a closer look at a day in the life of a Majority Strategies Strategy Director.

Early AM:
Coffee. Tea. Jog. Pick your poison and get after it. You’re up and at ‘em early. Today won’t be like yesterday, and you need to prepare for what tomorrow brings at the same time. That means getting organized, clearing your inbox, and prepping for the day ahead to keep every one of hundreds of individual projects on your plate moving forward.
Drew: “On Mondays, I take the morning to go through each client, check out the last thing we did on Friday (or over the weekend) and follow up. If a client hasn’t responded to something we’ve asked in the last week, I follow up and see how we can help move things along. The rest of the day is centered around completing the next step of any project.”
Rachel: “When I first get to the office, I answer any emails I received on my drive in. Next, I usually check in on projects I’m waiting on info for throughout the day and continue to answer any emails that come in. It is hard to predict what will happen each day so you have to be ready for whatever comes your way.”
Late AM:
Look at the time! Things are moving now. You’re talking to writers and designers. You’re coordinating calls and emails with clients with strategists. You’re getting changes back to clients, collecting photos and background information for upcoming work, and signing off on printer proofs.
Rachel: “I love working with many different campaigns at all levels and the constant motion of this job. No two days are the same.”
Steven: “If I had to describe this role, it’s managing clients and their direct mail, mobile and digital projects from start to finish and helping them achieve success by keeping them on time.”
It’s crunch time. You need approval on any project that needs to go to print or go live that day. You need to wrap up the designs on any number of direct mail pieces and digital advertising flights and get started on the next pieces and ads in those plans. There’s no rest for the weary now. It’s go time.
Tom: “This role, helping create and execute strategies from presidential to trustee level races across the country alongside the best team in politics, is fast-paced and rewarding.”
Matt: “I enjoy the day-by-day grind that keeps my mind engaged. I also enjoy working with clients and helping create a great product.”
The sun sets but your day isn’t done. The relative quiet of the evening hours brings with it an opportunity to focus, recharge your batteries, and prepare for the next round tomorrow.
Drew: “One of the best tips I can offer is to always watch your emails, no matter the time of day. We constantly need to be ahead, otherwise, we’re losing time.”
Matt: “Take time to relax: go on walks, enjoy coffee, and keep up a positive attitude.”
Steven: “Developing a routine is very helpful, and getting a better sense of the timing that goes into executing direct mail and digital advertising plans is very useful for keeping the after-hours workload down.”
Election Day:
It’s here. The day you’ve been working toward for months. Your blood, sweat, and tears are on the line for your clients. It all comes down to this.
Tom: “Your biggest success in this role is always seeing your clients win on election night.”
Matt: “The biggest lesson I’ve learned here is that there really aren’t any shortcuts. You have to put your head down and put in the work in order to get where you want to go.”
Think you’re up for the challenge? You can learn more and apply for an opportunity to join our growing team here.