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Meet Your Architect Marc Klein

Marc Klein, Vice President of Data and Digital Advocacy Solutions, joins our #StrategySession today to explain the Community Architect solution in more detail.

Majority Strategies’ Community Architect is a new, strategic approach to advocacy that merges data and political insights to help businesses, trade associations and others achieve their public affairs goals.

Marc Klein, Vice President of Data and Digital Advocacy Solutions, joins our #StrategySession today to explain the Community Architect solution in more detail.

How does Community Architect differ from the old model of advocacy?
Our Community Architect product develops real people into your champions utilizing our extensive data platform and technology toolbox. We can microtarget the precise audience you want to communicate with and then we bring those real people onto your team to support your position.

How can Community Architect aid industries like the environment, energy, or transportation?
Because American consumers have certain preferences, traits, and characteristics that we can see and understand, we are able to find and create audiences that are important to specific industries, such as the environment, energy, and transportation. Residents of cities may be interested in e-scooters and micromobility, for example, and we can hyper-target those people who have a propensity towards transportation mode shift and help effectuate change to benefit those residents and the city as a whole.

What are the biggest advocacy challenges to overcome?
Smartly utilizing budget dollars is always a priority. How do you build your desired support within the scope of your budget, KPIs, and ROI? Our Community Architect methodology prioritizes your success within the scope of your budget — large or small — so that you build your community of supporters and achieve your goals.

What is something you know is true, but few agree with you on?
Your limits are not as limiting as you believe they are – you are stronger than you think.

What question should we have asked you?
What’s more important: “who” receives your messaging or “what” the messaging is?

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Marc Klein serves as Majority Strategies’ Vice President, Data and Digital Advocacy Solutions.

Most recently, Klein was the Vice President of Microtransit Government Partnerships at Chariot Transit, Inc., which is owned by Ford Smart Mobility LLC, where he focused on improving sustainability, accessibility, and automobility options for the residents and visitors of cities across the country. Klein is a member of the Chairman’s Council at Bette Midler’s “New York Restoration Project” and is on the Executive Advisory Board at Techweek. Klein was Vice President of National Accounts and Airports at Clean Energy Fuels Corp., which is the largest provider of natural gas fuel for fleets in North America. Klein is a Co-Founder of The Vehicle Production Group which manufactured the MV-1, the first factory-direct vehicle that meets the vehicle guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and runs on clean-burning natural gas. More than 500 MV-1’s operate today in New York City as part of the MTA’s Access-A-Ride paratransit fleet. In 2011, Klein was selected by the White House as a “Champion of Change” in the fields of sustainability and accessibility. Klein also served as President and CEO of the London Fleet Companies that acquired the North American distribution, sales, and advertising rights for the world-famous London Taxi (U.S. left-hand drive model). By trade, Klein is a commercial business lawyer who represented commercial banks and finance companies and is admitted to practice law in New York and Connecticut.