What’s Not to Love About Mail?

What’s Not to Love About Mail?
February 14, 2019
Majority Strategies

Will our love of mail ever fade?

Not a chance, not according to recent studies that highlight the ongoing love affair voters and consumers have with direct mail and its continued overall effectiveness as a medium.

What’s Not to Love About Mail?

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Mail + TV 4Ever
A study by our partners at Causeway Solutions following the 2017 Virginia Attorney General’s race revealed that TV without accompanying direct mail, digital or phones would not be recalled enough by voters to move the needle for or against a specific candidate. Voters recalled TV ads the most, but TV ads on their own had the least amount of effect on voters’ behavior.

What did produce the most positive change? Those who recalled seeing both a TV ad as well as receiving a mail piece reported the highest amount of positive change.

For both candidates, direct mail topped the list of correlating recall to support for the candidate. Digital ads faired less so, highlighting the need for quality, eye-catching creative to cut through the clutter of digital platforms.

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