Quality Counts

November 20, 2018
Majority Strategies

Quality content is key to successful social media and social media advertising.

But what is quality content?

Is it a video?

Is it a blog?

Is it a social media post and image?

Is it an infographic

All of these are great examples of quality content that can draw traffic to your website, encourage and engage followers, and deliver a powerful, persuasive and memorable message.

No matter what form your content takes, there are a few keys to ensuring it is quality content.

Be sure to think about your targeted audience, the issues that are important to them, and what information you can provide that is helpful, persuasive and/or motivating.

What content is popular with your targeted audience? Where do they spend their time, and how do they best intake information there?

Focus on creating strong headlines. Remember, the vast majority of people will read a headline, with only a percentage continuing to read more. Make your headline count.

Short and to the point beats longer-form pieces of content. Think about how you scroll through your own feeds. Grab your audience’s attention, deliver your big-picture message, and invite them to learn more.

Stats & Data
Quick bits of facts that support your message should be presented in an easy-to-read visual.

Share successful content over multiple social channels. Point to a longer-form blog post that expands on the topic. Put dollars behind digital advertising to spread your message.

Learn more before you go.

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