Less Than Two Weeks to Go

October 24, 2018
Majority Strategies

We are less than two weeks from Election Day. Are you GOTV ready?

Here are some last minute ideas.

Run your existing TV ad or digital video on YouTube to get more eyes on your message and push Election Day voting.

How many voters will be searching for their polling location heading into Election Day? Add search ads and help direct people to their voting location while reinforcing your name ID and message.

Digital Advertising
Both display ads and social media advertising can be run right up until the polls close on Election Day. Target those “forgotten universes” – those outside of your TV DMAs, those who were too expensive to mail – and talk to these voters.

Mobile Advertising
Majority Strategies mobile is the only mobile advertising that has been proven to move numbers to a specific audience over a short period of time. Imagine delivering ads to voters while they’re standing in line to vote.

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