#MeetMajority: Nick Cohen

#MeetMajority: Nick Cohen
July 30, 2018
Majority Strategies

In this #MeetMajority, we get to know Strategy Director Nick Cohen. Nick is a New York City native who moved to Jacksonville, Florida, from Darien, Connecticut, to join the Majority Strategies team. While studying Political Science at Virginia Tech, Nick gained hands-on experience volunteering on a gubernatorial race as well as serving as a congressional Intern.

When not at work, Nick can be found on a sailboat or the golf course.

Let’s meet Nick Cohen.

What app can’t you live without?
As a baseball fan (go, Yankees!), I can’t live without the MLB At Bat app.

Last book you read?
12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson.

Where do you get your news?
I read the Wall Street Journal every morning.

Where are you happiest?
I’m the happiest when I’m out on the water sailing.

How many cities have you lived in?
I’ve lived in 5 different cities: New York, NY, Darien, CT, Blacksburg, VA, Washington, D.C., and Jacksonville, FL.

What’s on your bucket list?
To sail in the Transatlantic Race which goes from Newport, RI to Cowes, UK.

Thanks, Nick!

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