#MeetMajority: Casmine Brown

#MeetMajority: The Majority Strategies Team
July 16, 2018
Majority Strategies

Graphic Designer Casmine Brown was raised in a small town just south of the Panhandle. A graduate of Flagler College, Casmine brings years of experience in marketing, branding, SEO, and website design to the Majority Strategies creative team. When she’s not on the job, Casmine enjoys painting, creating prints, and playing with her Boston Terrier, Kado.

Learn more about Casmine in today’s Meet Majority.

What app can’t you live without?
Spotify – for the podcasts.

What’s the last book you read?
Persuasion by Jane Austen.

How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?
Loud, driven, and goofy.

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?
I love having the beautiful beaches nearby.

Favorite song? And what do you do when it comes on in the car?
Any Beyoncé song … I make Beyoncé proud by singing at the top of my lungs!

What’s on your bucket list?
I’d love to go on an African safari and visit the pyramids in Egypt and a Moroccan marketplace.

What would you most like to learn how to do?
Learn sign language.

Tell us about your family.
I have three siblings and my Boston Terrier puppy, Kado.

Thanks, Casmine!

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