The Best Length for Video Ads

The Best Length for Video Ads
June 19, 2018
Majority Strategies

Tailoring advertising to your audience is challenging when faced with constantly changing media platforms, standards, and viewer preferences. Video remains one of the most powerful advertising tools at your disposal.

With the decline in both audiences’ attention spans and their tolerance for disruptive advertising, many advertisers, across elections, advocacy, and brand, have adapted by creating shorter and shorter ads.

30-second videos. 15-second videos. 6-second bumper videos.

What’s the best length for video today?

The Research
A recent study measured viewers’ emotional and engagement levels to ads from well-known brands that included a mix of 6-, 15- and 30-second videos.

The Winner: 15-Second Ads
The study found that 15-second ads were nearly twice as effective as 6-second and 30-second ads when used exclusively.

"The 15-second video is your 'sell me this pen' moment. You have to have a 15-second elevator pitch that introduces you, educates your audience, and gets them to want to take an action – all during that quick 15 seconds. That's where our creative power really shines." 
– RJ Caster, Majority Strategies

Key Takeaway #1
If you can only run one video, choose the 15-second video. It has been shown to offer nearly twice the effectiveness of 6- or 30-second videos alone.

“Video is in such high demand by consumers, it should be a part of every comprehensive digital campaign. The good news is that production costs have come down significantly in recent years. You no longer have to shell out big bucks to have professionally created video content.”
–Reid Vineis, Majority Strategies

Key Takeaway #2
Use the 6-second bumper video as reinforcement of your 15-second video. Researchers found that these short ads performed best when reinforcing a message from a 15-second or 30-second ad that had previously run.

Incorporate Remarketing
Facebook’s audience-building tools allow you to target your video ad to those who have watched your video as well as those who watched only a percentage of it.

For those using video on your website, remarketing allows you to retarget visitors after they leave your website.

We make the case for remarketing ads here.

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