Where to Take Your Campaign Photos

May 29, 2018
Majority Strategies


The Golden Rule of real estate applies to your campaign photography, too.

Where you take your photos is just as important as how you take your photos.

And trust us, you need to take quality photos as early as possible for a successful print and digital advertising campaign. We recommend hiring a professional photographer for a shoot before your announcement, as the campaign trail will get busy, fast. Making a few of those high-resolution photos available for download on your website is also a good practice for those organizations that may join in supporting your campaign.

“But why? Why do I need to take photos when stock is so readily available?”

Stock photography can be a great asset, but don’t let the sheer volume of stock photography fool you. Finding the right image can be like finding a needle in the haystack, and many local locations and landmarks simply won’t be available. The complexity of licensing and copyrights can also be limiting, and stock often lacks that personal quality that is needed to deliver an emotionally impactful message.

Your photos can, though.

Taking your own photographs allows you to customize the look and feel of your print and digital advertising. No one knows your community or state like you do. Let your photos deliver that message.

In Part 1 of our series, we covered image quality, camera settings and tips for the day of the shoot.

Part 2 focused on “The Don’ts” and how to avoid common photography mistakes.

We covered smartphone photography in Part 3 and all of the tips and tricks to ensure the photos you shoot with your smartphone are of the size and quality we need.

Now we’re taking our tips out onto the road and putting them into practice with a guide to the settings and locations that create a powerful photo album for your print and digital advertising.

Let’s get started.

Download Part 4 of our photography series, "Where to Take Your Photos," today.