NEW! Millennials Love Mail

NEW! Millennials Love Mail
April 2, 2018
Majority Strategies

It would be easy to assume that millennials are the least likely group to like mail, but you’d be wrong.

Millennials love mail.

A recent report revealed that 87% of millennials like receiving direct mail, 84% of millennials look through their mail regularly, 77% give their attention to direct mail, and 64% of millennials would rather search for useful information (Polling locations? Voting dates? Candidate messaging?) in their mail rather than their email.

What’s more, 50% of millennials reported they ignore digital ads, but only 15% said the same about direct mail, acknowledging that print advertising is often thought to be more trustworthy. 90% of millennials deem direct mail to be reliable, with 88% seeing print as more official compared to digital.

The USPS reports that “direct mail elicits a stronger emotional reaction than digital advertising” as many begin to suffer from “digital fatigue” – remember 50% of millennials ignore digital ads.

The Takeaways to Mailing Millennials:

1. Integrate digital into your print advertising.
Include URLs, QR codes, links to videos, and social media accounts.

2. Deliver a clear message.
Target specific audiences with specific messages about the issues they care about most.

3. Be creative.
Embrace and encourage engagement with print advertising through creativity and unique folds and diecuts that help you stand out in the mailbox.

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