From Start to Finish

#ByDesign: From Start to Finish
February 7, 2018
Majority Strategies

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We have heard from many who enjoy getting to know our team through our #MeetMajority series. We like giving you a glimpse into the Majority Strategies family and the people behind the scenes – after all, we are in the people business.

Recently, we’ve been asked what goes into developing the images that we use to coincide with our #MeetMajority series. In today’s #StrategySession, we’re going behind the scenes with Graphic Designer Morgan to get a step-by-step view of what went into creating the record album image and GIF for the #MeetMajority post featuring Strategy Director Jared.

Step 1: Research.
Like any good ad, we start with research and understanding the person, product, or service we are selling.

Jared shared with Morgan his love of music, and the two connected over a shared interest in The Band, Bob Dylan, and the Grateful Dead.

“I spent some time developing an illustration that would highlight each of the bands Jared mentioned, and I made sure the hierarchy of the illustrations conveyed them in the right order.” 
– Morgan

Morgan settled on a jawbone for The Band, a harmonica for Bob Dylan, and magnolias for The Grateful Dead.

Step 2: Sketching.
Morgan’s next step was to sketch the image, beginning with a basic framework then a series of sketches that focused on more of the details.

Once the sketches were finalized, Morgan scanned and brought them into Illustrator.

“I built each element as separate Illustrator files, then brought them all into one file, assembled them on top of my original sketch, and added shadows as needed.”
– Morgan

Step 3: Movement.
Morgan’s final step was to add movement and create the spinning effect that brought the idea of the record to life.

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