#ByDesign: Make Your Visual Point

#ByDesign: Make Your Visual Point
December 6, 2017
Majority Strategies

We live in a visual world, inundated with images across multiple screens, often at the same time. Time reported that 70% of Americans use multiple screens at once.

Information, advertisements, and can’t-miss offers come at us from every direction in flashes and pops of color, movement, images, and text.

Yet our attention spans rival those of goldfishes – mere seconds.

How does one process all of that? And on the advertisers’ side, how do you effectively deliver a concise, easily understood, and memorable message?

Meet the infographic – a storyboard of eye-catching images and color that help illustrate a message that includes multiple steps or facts.

Why infographics?

Reports show that people spend longer looking at website images that carry information than they do reading text.

Typically vector, an infographic is a storyboard that takes the reader on a journey with you. It starts with the idea, the creative framework to present your message. From there, the images, strong colors, and (sometimes) movement add visual interest.

An infographic does not have to be data and numbers. Any presentation of fact can be articulately and thoughtfully displayed in an infographic with success if the three basic “rules” of infographic design are followed. Infographics also spark engagement on social media and are liked and shared three times more than other types of content.

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