What’s Your ROI?

What's Your ROI?
October 12, 2017
Majority Strategies

First, let’s explain what ROI is.

ROI stands for Return on Investment and is a way to measure the performance of an investment. In the case of marketing, it’s a way for an advertiser to gauge the “worth” of a marketing expenditure.

In today’s #StrategySession, we’re sharing a recent case study with one of our brand clients who saw five-times the return on their ad spend.

First, meet our client:
A family-owned, full-service waste solutions provider in Georgia tapped Parlay Marketing and Majority Strategies to recruit new, residential customers in a targeted market.

Majority Strategies devised a campaign to identify homeowners who were not current customers and target them online.

The multi-pronged campaign involved desktop display, search, remarketing, social and mobile advertising and was executed over three months.

The Results:
The campaign generated millions of targeted impressions across channels, which yielded hundreds of calls into the company requesting a quote for service.

By targeting the right individuals across multiple mediums, we saw very high engagement rates. For example, the click-through rate on mobile was 1.5% or three times greater than industry average.

From a $25,000 investment, our client acquired over 600 new customers. This was estimated to generate annual revenue in excess of $140,000 or more than a 5X return on ad spend.

What Our Client Said:
“With engaging digital ads targeting likely customers in the region, we were able to grow market share without wasting money on TV or radio. After years of experimenting with various types of marketing, digital advertising proved to be undeniably effective.”

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