#MeetMajority: The Sky's the Limit

#MeetMajority: The Sky's the Limit
September 25, 2017
Majority Strategies


That's what we call our team of strategists who crisscross the country every week via #planestrainsandautomobiles. (You can follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.)

To get a feel for what life is like on the road, we asked a few of our strategists about their favorite airports and the tiny luxuries these pitstops afford them to make their travels a less weary and more wow.

Let's start with Jason McBride, Senior National Strategist.

"My favorite airport is Detroit Metro. I’m a Michigan native and landing there means I’m ‘home’, even if just for a short trip. Not to mention the great food options.”

Food plays an important role in the strategists' travels. State Strategist Anthony Ramiriz's take:

“Any airport with a Centurion lounge is my favorite. It sounds like an advertisement for American Express, but if you’re going to be trapped inside a building, it's nice to have a place to work, eat, or take a nap in peace. It's also clutch if you have a meeting to attend and don't want to fly in a suit. You can change or take a shower in a clean personal restroom.”

Comfort and convenience are key for our road warriors. State Strategist Kelli Commers added:

“I love the Humphrey Terminal in Minneapolis. It’s a smaller terminal so the gates are close, and the security lines are always much shorter.”

We'll get our strategists' take on all things travel in future #MeetMajority posts, including their favorite on-the-road dishes at restaurants across America.

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