#MeetMajority: Our Favorite Mail Pieces

#MeetMajority: The Majority Strategies Team
August 28, 2017
Majority Strategies

It's a little like asking a parent to pick their favorite child ...

For the Majority Strategies team, it is almost impossible to pick one mail piece as a favorite over all the others – remember we’ve produced over 2 billion pieces of print advertising over our 20 years – but we went ahead and asked some members of the team which mail pieces stood out over the years.  

See which pieces they chose in this week’s #MeetMajority.

Brett Buerck: "Peas & Carrots"

“Majority Strategies and great, creative mail pieces go together like one of my favorite mail pieces from 2010 …”

THE RACE: Linda McMahon for U.S. Senate

THE YEAR: 2010

THE PIECE: “Peas & Carrots”

THE SPECS: 32x7 4/4 7-panel barrel fold

Randy Kammerdiener: "Flower Power"

“Our brand of attacks and contrasts are not all dark skies and unflattering images. Humor and wit can be even more effective in delivering the message, as it was with one of my favorites, Flower Power.”

THE RACE: Tom Feeney for Congress

THE YEAR: 2008

THE PIECE: “Flower Power”

THE SPECS: 11x11 singlefold 4/4

Kelli Commers: "X-Ray"

“One of my favorite direct mail pieces is one that showcased how we were able to address the same issue for multiple races and create unique pieces for every candidate.”

THE RACE: Minnesota Business Partnership/Brian Daniels for State Representative

THE YEAR: 2014


THE SPECS: 5.5x11 4/4

Josh Kivett: "Pour"

“I have always believed that GOTV efforts are a place where good mail really stands out and great mail can absolutely make a difference.”

THE RACE: Republican National Committee/GA-06 Special Election

THE YEAR: 2017


THE SPECS: 8.5x11 flat 4/4

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