#AskaDesigner: Where Are Logos Going?

#AskaDesigner: Where Are Logos Going?
May 25, 2017
Majority Strategies

Logos and taglines are two of the first steps to establishing your identity and providing your audience with their first impression.

While we can hark back to the past and draw from its foundation, no one wants their identity to look tired. You can’t carve a new path if your audience believes you’ve already been there and done that.

You need a logo that is vibrant, fresh, and forward-looking.

In today’s #AskADesigner, we’re talking about current logo trends and where we see this specialized art form going in the year to come.

Eliminate unnecessary elements and focus on the essence.
“Many logos gravitate toward the more obvious. In brand, that’s the car, pizza, or coffee. In elections, it is often stars, flags, and swooshes. If elements are overused, logos end up looking very homogenous. A way of breaking out of this is to better understand the platform, key differences from the competition, and location. When these are better understood, the logo can much better reflect the personality and ideology of the client and prevent their logo from looking generic.”

Skip the serif and think clean.
“When I design a logo, I select a font that will communicate things like strength, reliability, stability, and integrity. Common styles that reflect these traits are san serif fonts with bold strong forms and some serif fonts, or slab serifs.”

Plan for cross-platform.
“We think about the logo displayed against different backgrounds to cover a variety of work from print to digital. Creating a version that shows well against a light background and one against a dark background really helps with designing future projects. You want to select colors that will look great with a variety of different colors on a wide range of projects. For example, highlighter yellow may be difficult to read on a light background and may not look nice with certain colors, limiting your options when designing a project.”

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