Election Day is Calling ...

Election Day is Calling: The Benefits of Mobile Advertising
September 20, 2016
Majority Strategies

Mobile advertising answers the call for affordable GOTV.

Landlines are on the decline, making paid phones a less-attractive option for campaigns looking to turn out the vote on Election Day.

“Ten years ago, 9 in 10 households used to have an operational landline phone - now it’s just every second household.”

What’s the answer?


Let’s look at the trends first. The number of American households that have gone cell-phone-only is on the rise.

“If the trend continues at the current pace, and there’s little reason to believe it won’t, the majority of U.S. households could be without a landline phone as early as this year. And a few years from now, landline phones will likely have become an endangered species, much like the VCR and other technological relics.”

What’s a campaign to do?

Getting out the vote in the 72 hours before and in the final hours on Election Day is key to victory.

Will campaigns go door-to-door? Yes, and they should have a presence in targeted precincts.

Grassroots requires volunteers, which means a limited reach.

A mass get-out-the-vote turnout plan needs to reach as many voters as possible.

We now know that landlines are limited, and those households that still have a home phone may not even be home on Election Day. Work, family, doctor’s appointments, travel … you name it. Our busy lives keep voters on the move and away from TVs, landlines and radios.

What do they have with them? Their mobile devices.

Now the big question in campaigns’ minds …

How does mobile compare to paid phones?

This is great news for campaigns looking to replace paid phones with a more effective tactic at the same cost.

Mobile advertising costs as much as paid phones yet delivers superior targeting, eye-catching creative and better measurement.

We are within 50 days of Election Day now.

Let’s get started.