Capturing Hearts, Minds … and Votes.

September 1, 2016
Majority Strategies

We know the slogans that define our favorite household brands by heart.

These creative taglines stay with us and are instantly recognizable long after the ad ends or the page turns, conveying a powerful message in just a handful of words.

Test yourself. Click through and see how many slogans you remember.

What do these well-known slogans have in common? Each is concise and creative.

Majority Strategies’ writers have embraced the same philosophy, working to craft short, attention-grabbing taglines that set our clients apart from the competition.

We went #BehindTheWriting to find out how they do it.

“Taglines are as unique as the candidate. It’s important to know what drives the candidate, their background and experience. Then you need to spin that into a short turn of phrase that resonates with the voter. If we adopt the client’s persona and write from the heart, it’ll make its mark.”
 – Whit

Memorable taglines are purposefully personal to evoke emotions and make a connection.

“It’s important the tagline defines who the candidate is as a person.”
 – Megan

“I think about the 4 P’s. Piece (what type?), person (what makes them unique?), place (what is their district/state known for?), and perception (what do I want the voter to take away from the piece?).”
 – Adam

All in all, uniqueness is key.

Take our tagline as an example. It sums up who we are as people and as a company. Driven. Focused. Relentless.

It defines our brand, is memorable and is instantly recognizable. Proud. Trusted. Experienced.

We Play to Win.

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