Lock, Stock and Barrel(fold).

Majority Mail Call: Barrelfolds
June 13, 2016
Majority Strategies

Some of our folded mail pieces can be a little tricky to visualize.

We’ve got you covered!

Lock, stock and barrel(fold).

Barrel folds offer endless possibilities, starting small at roughly 5x7.25 and opening panel by panel to reveal a powerful message that can’t be ignored.

4 panel.

5 panel.

7 panel.

Oh my!

But don’t sweat it! Our talented creative team will choose the number of panels that best fit the mail piece’s message and theme.

And once they’re off and running, just sit back and watch the rest unfold…

Let’s take a closer look at a barrel fold.

Why do we like them?

Barrel folds are great at cutting through the clutter in the mailbox. The trick is the cover. You have to give the voter a reason to start opening the piece. Once they do, you have them. It’s hard to resist turning those pages.

Why is the barrel fold effective?

In addition to standing out in the mailbox, the barrel fold stands out in the voter’s mind. They are memorable in their shape, and, with the right creative, they are memorable with their message as well. The barrel folds provide a unique opportunity to build a message throughout a piece, point by point, hit by hit, until the final panels deliver to “wow.”

Are you ready to get started?

We’re all in! Lock, stock and barrel(fold).

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