Old or New?

May 31, 2016
Majority Strategies

Instagram recently hit the drawing board to create a new logo for their app.

The Polaroid-esque camera has been replaced by a new design featuring simplistic lines and a gradient color scheme.

Instagram didn't dip a toe into the logo change waters – they dove in headfirst, leaving some users shocked and others actually outraged about the logo change.

At Majority Strategies, we understand how important branding is, and logos are a major part of that. Logos are often the first thing noticed and serve as the foundation of other collateral material, including yard signs, letterhead, palmcards and more.

In this #AskaDesigner, we asked our creative team to weigh in on the Instagram logo debate:

"To make your logo stand out among the others, it needs to have one thing that makes the viewer look at it and say 'ah-ha!' I personally like the simplified design of the new Instagram logo and color scheme, which is flexible for their other apps."

"If you don’t have a timeless logo, you should consider changing as you grow, like Instagram has. I believe change like this is more about rebranding than simply trying to make your logo stand out alone. It’s the overall brand consistency that will stand out."

Love it or hate it, Instagram made a bold move to bring Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse all within the same branding fold with a cohesive look.

Tell us. Which of Instagram’s logos do you prefer – old or new?

Which Instagram Logo is Your Favorite?



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