Majority Mail Call! Vol. 5

Meet the Flat. The flat is an 8.5×11 with no folds and plenty of space to spare. These large voter…

Meet the Flat.

The flat is an 8.5×11 with no folds and plenty of space to spare. These large voter contact mail pieces have some advantages and disadvantages, but we have worked flats into our mail plans for many years with success.

Should you work flats into your mail plan?

The Advantages

Many feel that flats stand out in the mailbox simply by their size. With mailboxes typically filled with letter-rate mail and envelopes, the flat sticks out – literally– and is hard to miss.

How Do You Effectively Use All That Space?

While it’s tempting to fill more space with more words, that’s the exact opposite of how to use the space an 8.5×11 flat affords. This is the opportunity to showcase powerful photography on both sides, whether it is one strong image or multiple photos creating a visual gallery of reasons to support your campaign.

What Creative Best Suits the Flat?

Flats require a “flip,” not an “open” which means creative needs to work independently on either side. Unlike the singlefold, trifold or crossfold voter contact pieces that allow for a teaser message on their covers, the flat requires messaging that stands alone. At Majority Strategies, we believe the best way to accomplish this is to introduce the issue on one side and then fully explain it on the flip side. Remember to keep that text short, though.

The Disadvantages

Postage rates on flat mail pieces are higher than letter rate mail, which can eat into a campaign budget rapidly if not planned for correctly.

We can craft an effective voter contact mail plan for your campaign that includes flats. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get started.

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