Less Than 100 Days to Election Day

We’re less than 100 days to Election Day. What do you need to do? Stock up on lit. Be prepared…

We’re less than 100 days to Election Day.

What do you need to do?

Stock up on lit.
Be prepared for walks, lit drops and events. Include a perfed reply card with specific requests for data collection from people you meet and details about what folks can do to help the campaign. Never be caught flatfooted when someone asks, “How can I help?” Instead, be prepared with specific asks.

Prepare for absentee voters.
Get your absentee chase program squared away now. A robust absentee effort can be the difference maker in a tight race. Do you know when absentees go out? Are you ready with chase mail and calls?

Get photos now.  
Nothing is more important for great mail and digital than photos. Download our series of photography guides here to learn more.

Run through the tape.
Have a sophisticated GOTV and 72 hour plan written, and be prepared to work it until the polls close. It can be what separates winners from losers.

Be prepared for fundraising deadlines.
Don’t leave information out, and scour your opponent’s filings for data that can help you in the end game.

Don’t forget early voting.
Being less than 100 days out isn’t entirely accurate in a lot of the country. If you are in an early voting state, game day happens much sooner. Campaigns that don’t realize that aren’t prepared.

Do opposition research.
Don’t forget opposition research takes time, and there’s always things to follow up on. Get started now. Good research in a tough cycle can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Focus on issues specific to your district.
Don’t be afraid to separate yourself from the GOP brand, meaning if the environment goes south, why should people still vote for you? Digital is a great way to do this.

At the same time, don’t take your base for granted.
Bifurcate your messaging.

Never stop recruiting volunteers.
Be ready to have volunteers call every absentee ballot request. Have them ready to be engaged on Election Day for poll flushing.

Raise more money.
You don’t have enough. People who gave in the primary should be hit up for the general.

Record your opponent everywhere.
Your opponent could say something stupid. Try to bait them into saying something stupid.

Be ready for the press to ask you about the president.
At this point, even local races will start getting asked. What are you going to say?

Show up to everything.
Remember you are being watched at all times!

Don’t forget surveys and questionnaires.
Be aware of the NRA, Right to Life, state Chamber, and others. Know when their surveys go out, when they are due, how to answer them, and who to get completed surveys to. We have seen way too many campaigns forget or miss these surveys. Also know when scores will made public to be sure to hit opponents on their scores.

Order signs and door to door handouts now.
If you wait too long, you won’t be able to control production times and you might miss opportunities.

Go on the attack.
Define your general opponent early. And often!

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