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L’eggo My Logo!

One of the fundamental lessons of childhood is sharing. Kellogg’s has made an entire ad campaign around the idea of…

One of the fundamental lessons of childhood is sharing. Kellogg’s has made an entire ad campaign around the idea of not sharing. Who hasn’t seen the “L’eggo My Eggo!” commercials?

Well like those Eggos, you better stake claim to a logo of your own, too.

To do so, you have to answer a few questions:

  1. What do you want your logo to say about you?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. How do you want people to feel when they look at your logo?

Logos are deeply personal, and some of the most memorable logos have only undergone small changes over the years.

That’s because great logos are lasting logos.

Take a look at these:

We asked our creative team in today’s #AskaDesigner, “How do you create a lasting logo?”

Our designers think about the client – who they are, what office they are running for or what industry they are in and where in the country they are as inspiration for branding elements, fonts and overall feel of the logo.

“How you develop a logo completely depends on the client and industry you are creating it for. First, I research everything about them, and look for examples.”

Next we think about how the logo is going to be used. In today’s advertising world, logos need to work across many mediums, from print and voter contact mail to web, digital and targeted mobile advertising.

“The best logos are clean and versatile; they look good in all formats – web, print, process color and solid color.”

Fonts are a key to creating a successful logo.

Choose the wrong one, and your logo could end up looking modern when you need classic or childish when you need to portray strength.

“Make sure any fonts chosen are legible, too. Memorable doesn’t matter if no one knows what the logo says.”

Many logos also need a strong branding element that can be used to anchor the logo as a whole as well as stand alone as icons for social media images and more. Those branding elements often become the most recognized portion of a logo. Think Nike’s swoosh, or our own knight.

We recently put our designers to the test to see how memorable some of the logos they’ve created really are. Take a look at how they did.

Logos are one of our favorite things to create for our clients, and we offer them as part of our start-up “branding box.”

Give us a shout if you need a logo designed, and we’ll get started today.

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