Delivering the Goods

Delivering the Goods: Mobile Advertising
April 4, 2017
Jason McBride

We’re ready to wrap up our series on the tips to create an effective mobile advertising campaign with today’s #StrategySession on delivery.

We started with the importance of creativity in targeted mobile advertising and followed with targeting (both list- and location-based) as a key differentiator and how you can use it to your advantage.

Today, we’re talking about delivering the goods and the important steps to ensuring your mobile ads are actually delivered.

1. Look for Transparency.
Unfortunately, digital advertising is ripe with fraud. Working with a vendor who is open and transparent is essential to building the trust you need and deserve. Before you hire a mobile advertising vendor, be sure to ask them how they avoid invalid or non-human traffic. You also want a vendor who allows for 3rd party verification. Those answers are key to building trust and transparency.

2. Check Inventory.
Inventory refers to the mobile apps and websites where your targeted mobile ads will be delivered. What matters most here is the publications your targeted audience views and ensuring your ads are seen. That could be anything from CandyCrush to Politico. Our tip: ask your vendor what percentage of advertising flights are delivered in full. That number is more important than an ambiguous number of sites or apps.

3. Reach Out and Talk to Someone.
A successful mobile advertising campaign requires real people to see your ads. It sounds simple, but the mechanics that go into ensuring that happens are anything but and include monitoring throughout the campaign. Be sure your support team is located in the United States, offering full support and a live person on the other end of the line when you call with questions.

Creativity. Targeting. Delivery.

When combined, mobile advertising is a powerful tool to reach your target audience. Remember Americans are spending five hours a day on their mobile devices. Are they seeing your message?