It’s Go Time.

Labor Day marked the official end of summer. Are you ready for campaign season? With November 8th just over 60…

Labor Day marked the official end of summer.

Are you ready for campaign season?

With November 8th just over 60 days away, there’s not a day left to waste.

Do voters know your name?

Name ID is one step to victory. Voters need to know you and recognize your name on the ballot. What’s one of the best ways to boost name ID? Voter contact advertising. TV is expensive but certainly works to get your name out in front of a wide universe. Voter contact mail is more affordable and more targetable, ensuring you reach the right voters with the right message. Targeted mobile advertising combines the reach of TV but is more targetable and closer to the cost of phones.

            The Keys: Remembering the Purpose.

With any form of name ID advertising, the key is remembering the purpose and ensuring the candidate’s name plays the lead role. In voter contact mail and mobile advertising, that means ensuring the name is the most prominent element on the page.

Do they know your story and background?

You need to define yourself before your opponent does and give voters a reason to remember and vote for you. Tell voters about your personal history, your family, your career experience and certainly your reasons for running with creative, memorable mail, from 5.5x11s to 8.5 x 11 flats.

            The Keys: Get to the Point.

Telling your story doesn’t mean turning over every fact and detail. We’ve talked about the importance of keeping text short here. The key is to tap into what matters most and what will resonate with voters – then repeat it, often.


Do voters know where you stand on the issues?

Microtargeting and modelling data provide the ability to target voter contact mail to specific households based on identified positions on issues.

            The Keys: Know Your Audience.

Our strategists can help craft voter contact mail and mobile advertising plans that key in on the issues and the universes matched to that messaging. Learn more about mail and mobile universes here.


Do you know how to turn out the vote on Election Day?

You can own the real estate on Election Day and be the last to talk to voters with mobile advertising. Paid phones have been the traditional end-of-campaign turnout mechanism, but mobile advertising is not only on par (or cheaper) but delivers better targeting, creative and measurement. Don’t forget about mail, though. Both mail and mobile have been proven to increase turnout.

            The Keys: Make It Clear.

With turnout advertising, there’s no time to build the case. This is the time to get straight to the point, motivate voters and persuade them to take action. Creativity can be key here.

It’s go time.

Get started with us today.

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