“Hunt Where the Ducks Are.”

As someone with nearly a decade of experience in Texas politics, it never ceases to amaze me that so many…

As someone with nearly a decade of experience in Texas politics, it never ceases to amaze me that so many campaigns employ such awful tactics, often targeting the wrong people while running their bank accounts dry.

We see it every election cycle, time and time again. Candidates and their campaigns waste time and money handing out random knickknacks to random people at random events.

You don’t need to print “Waste of Money” on your balloons for everyone to know that your funds are draining as quickly as the helium tank.

Although some folks will refuse to change their ways, I have yet to hear anyone give credit for their Election Day win to the jar grippers they handed out emblazoned with their campaign logo.

So what does win campaigns?

Over the years, I’ve learned that voter contact mail, not campaign pencils, is a critical component to winning down-ballot races in Texas.

Now just because you don’t have a presidential-sized budget doesn’t mean your campaign doesn’t deserve presidential-level quality, and that’s where using the right direct mail firm makes all the difference.

At Majority Strategies, we are proud to have worked with over 2,500 campaigns and candidates, on every level of the ballot, in all 50 states. That’s partly why we’re the best in the political advertising business.

Another part is our commitment and sense of urgency. More than just a company motto, #WePlaytoWin.

Playing to win means having the best team in place to help you deliver the message to your voters. All too often, campaigns go under because they waste money and time. They contact people – but not the ones they need to win.

When I first entered the campaign world, the best piece of advice I received was, “Hunt where the ducks are.”

So where and how do you find the ducks?

With voter contact mail, that means using microtargeting to ensure you mail the right message to the right universe of voters. Randy talked about that in depth here.

Today that also means reaching voters where they spend so much of their time – on their mobile devices.

Remember, you have to hunt where the ducks are, so if you aren’t using mobile advertising to target voters, you aren’t effectively using all of your campaign dollars.

From direct mail to mobile advertising, Majority Strategies targets the right people, delivering your message and saving you money in the long run on mail that won’t be looked at, mobile ads that will never be seen and campaign-branded nail files that will never be used.  

So what should you take away from this?

Hunt where the ducks are.

Partner with the right team to get presidential-level quality without a presidential-sized budget.

Use your money wisely.

And resist the urge to buy Frisbees.

We’re begging you.

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