Go Big or Go Home.

We occasionally get the question or comment from potential clients who are concerned about Majority Strategies’ size. “You’re too big,”…

We occasionally get the question or comment from potential clients who are concerned about Majority Strategies’ size.

“You’re too big,” they’ll say. But they’re not the ones saying that, our competitors are. They think it’s a dig at us, but it’s exactly what makes us the best.

We are the biggest – and we are the best.

Over our 18-plus years of experience, we have had the privilege of working with three GOP presidential nominees and today are the proud mail and mobile partner of Marco Rubio for President.

We have worked with over 2,500 campaigns and clients in all 50 states, including Speaker John Boehner, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Governors Rick Scott, Brian Sandoval and Pat McCrory among others.

We were the only firm to provide mail and/or mobile advertising in every competitive winning U.S. Senate race in the 2014 cycle, working on behalf of U.S. Senators Cory Gardner, Mike Rounds, Mitch McConnell, Dan Sullivan and Pat Roberts.

We have worked with the National Rifle Association, the National Association of Realtors, the Republican National Committee, the Republican Governors Association, Americans for Prosperity, the National Republican Congressional Committee and GOP state party victory committees in more than 35 states.

We have proudly been involved in the Republican takeover of 18 state legislative chambers from the Ohio House of Representatives to the Nevada Assembly and Senate.

When our competitors talk about our size, they want clients to be concerned they won’t get personalized service or our creative will be cookie cutter from another client. 

Here’s what I tell them.

“Bigger is better.”

Yep. Majority Strategies is bigger, the biggest Republican voter contact mail and mobile advertising firm out there. 

We work in all 50 states, have an expanded sales team across the country and have moved into bigger office space to accommodate our growing staff of full-time writers, designers and project managers.

I’m happy to look potential clients in the eye and tell them, “Bigger is better,” and I’ll tell you why:

1. Bigger means we have more principles with more hands on, neck-deep experience – from county commission races to presidential campaigns – than the next ten firms combined.

2. Bigger means we have professional writers whose sole focus every day is to write unique and creative voter contact mail and mobile advertising. That’s a far cry from the local printer who brings in his buddy who took one creative writing class to help when it gets busy.

3. Bigger means we have the best graphic designers in the business. Period. They are artists, trained in eye-catching color, shading and image placement. They give more time and thought to what fonts to use than most of our competitors give to the entire piece. They are an integral part of the Majority Strategies team, working with our consultants to deliver the best, most memorable creative that stands out in the mailbox and on your mobile screens.  

4. Bigger means we keep our writers and designers on full time throughout odd and even years. That ensures we don’t have to rely on temporary employees or spend valuable time training, educating and getting new employees up to our snuff when the campaign clock is ticking.

5. Bigger means we are able to handle any project – big or small – at any time. Other shops simply don’t have the creative horsepower, the printing capabilities or the ability to manage more than a few races each cycle. We can handle anything and everything.

6. Bigger means we have more sales professionals and political consultants on staff than other firms. This means they can be more hands-on with each of their clients, allowing clients to bring on Majority Strategies early in the cycle and get advice and input for months prior to any mail or mobile advertising beginning. By joining the team early, we can integrate our messaging in a way that works with the campaign’s other efforts.  Small shops don’t have the bandwidth to be on conference calls, travel for meetings and help with other aspects of the campaign. They need to focus on getting mail to the post office because they don’t have the support structure Majority Strategies has built in. 

7. Bigger means every client gets at least one project manager assigned to them, and they’ll be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will answer questions, know the status of every piece or project, make changes and ensure the trains are running on time.

So yes, Majority Strategies is big.

We ARE the biggest voter contact mail and mobile advertising firm.

We DO have more sales people and political consultants than other firms.

We DO have more project managers, writers and graphic designers, too.

When it comes down to delivering the message for your campaign …

Bigger is better.

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