#ArtCrush: Less Is More

#ByDesign: Highlights From Our Creative Team
June 27, 2016
Eric Bersamin

Another scoop of Rocky Road on your cone?

Sounds delish.

More money in your wallet?


Extra vacation days on the calendar?

Yes, please.

But more isn’t always better.

Especially when the “more” in question is clutter, noise and distraction. This is the “more” often used by frustrated consumers to describe today’s oversaturation of advertising.

Advertising has seeped into every nook and cranny of our everyday lives. We’re told what we need and what we think, often through glossy, retouched photos and text expertly crafted to steer us toward the latest must-have.

This might be a new pair of sneakers that’ll have us qualifying for the next Olympic Games. Or a sports car that’ll restore our once-thick head of hair and help avert a midlife crisis. Or a luxury vacation that will remind our sullen teenagers that there’s more to life than social media and sarcasm.

Many consumers, though, have caught on. Their eyes have been opened to the gimmicks and schemes – and they don’t like what they see.

Some advertisers have abandoned traditional practices, focusing their efforts on this group of consumers who’ve seemingly bucked the system. These innovative companies have embraced a new approach: unadvertising.

After all, less is more.

One hotel group, for instance, has launched an unadvertising campaign targeting “independent minded” travellers.

We have found this “less is more” approach works well with reaching voters, too.

Instead of cluttering mail pieces and mobile ads with dozens of photos, we carefully select the perfect photograph and full-bleed the image. 

Instead of filling space with meaningless words, we cut the fluff and craft a concise message that strikes a direct cord with voters.

No fluff. No fillers.

Just a striking, refined work of art that delivers a clear message. Every time.

Browse some more examples of how we make our clients’ messages heard above the advertising racket.

And remember, less is more.

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