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Audience Spotlight Early Persuasion Targets

Now is the time to get in front of persuadable voters who are motivated by key issues in the news today – rising inflation, education, immigration.

Persuadable voters are a core building block of any successful campaign.

Targeting them early will ensure they receive the additional touches they’re going to need to be convinced to support your campaign and motivated to take action when voting begins.

Now is the time to get in front of these voters who are motivated by key issues in the news today – rising inflation, education, immigration.

Who are they?

Some of them are Weak Republicans.
These lean GOP voters are likely to turnout in ’22 but have not yet fully committed to supporting GOP candidates. These “low-hanging fruit” will typically respond well to traditional GOP messaging on issues like taxes and fiscal responsibility, the economy and immigration. This audience is not as receptive to strong messaging on red meat GOP issues.

Others are Biden Disengagers.
There are over 25.6 million voters across the nation who lean Democrat and voted for Biden in 2020 but now disapprove of his job as President. They may not approve of President Biden, but they aren’t yet ready to vote for a Republican either. Talking to these voters about Biden’s failed policies and tying them to other Democrat candidates will help these voters move to supporting a conservative candidate in the fall.

Some are Persuadable Fix Economy Targets.
These swing voters are more likely to trust Republicans to oversee a successful economic recovery. Talk to them about issues related to how Democrats have mishandled the economy with a focus on Republican solutions to inflation and taxes.

Others are Persuadable Immigration Targets.
Similar to those voters who are persuaded by economic issues, these swing voters support strong immigration policies and are likely to be moved by messaging that highlights the crisis as well as solutions to curb illegal immigration and secure the border.

Some are Persuadable Parents.
These swing voters have school-aged children and can be persuaded in education issues that have been a driving force for GOP support over the last year. The key will be staying away from stronger, partisan messaging and focusing on issues like increasing transparency over what’s taught in our schools.

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