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Digital by Definition

Do you speak digital? Understanding the terms around digital advertising will help you communicate with your team about your goals,…

Do you speak digital?

Understanding the terms around digital advertising will help you communicate with your team about your goals, the targeting and plans, and the results.

“There is so much to learn and understand about digital, it can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to work with a partner who is an expert in the field. A good way to vet vendors is to see if they have anything proprietary, like intellectual property, first party data or technology. If they don’t, they are just piggy-backing off of another platform or service – and probably aren’t the best firm to explain how things work.”
Reid Vineis, Majority Strategies, Director of Mobile Operations

Let’s dive into Digital by Definition.

Bumper Ad
A bumper ad is a short 6-second video.

CTR “Click-Through Rate”
The click-through rate or CTR is the number of times an ad was clicked on as a percentage of the number of impressions of that ad.

GIF (pronounced with a “J” like Jif peanut butter) is an animated digital ad, similar to a video but without audio, set to loop. GIFs can be used across digital advertising, including mobile advertising, desktop advertising, remarketing, and social media advertising.

The GIF+ is a special ad unit created by Majority Strategies that enables us to create more complex creative while working within file size limitations of mobile advertising.

A single impression is counted each time an ad is served to a user.

In digital advertising, inventory refers to the number of ad spaces available for purchase and delivery of an ad.

Video advertisements that play before the selected video are referred to as “preroll” video.

A publisher is the website or app where your ads are being displayed. For example, or Words With Friends are publishers.

Rich Media
Rich Media refers to any mobile advertising unit that includes advanced interactivity. This includes some forms of video inventory (including inline video.)

Static digital ads contain no movement or animation and work across ad sizes.

In mobile advertising, video is often used as a stand-alone ad or as a rich media ad (inline video). Video is also effective on multiple mediums, including websites, mobile advertising, preroll advertising, and social media advertising.

“Video is becoming the dominant creative format for digital. We’re seeing a huge demand by users for quality, engaging video, and publishers are responding by generating more video inventory and prioritizing it. Be sure to include video in any significant ad buys.”
– Reid

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