Are You Debating TV vs. Digital?

Are You Debating TV vs. Digital?
October 2, 2018
Brett Buerck

There is a real temptation to put a large portion of your campaign budget on TV.

But what about digital advertising? How much are you spending on digital in comparison, and is it enough?

In this #StrategySession, our strategists share the real value of digital advertising in targeting and reaching your voters outside of a select DMA, as well as identifying those within your DMA who are not frequent TV watchers.

The Key is Data.
Of course we can help you identify the percentage of voters who live outside of the main DMA in your district.

But there’s more.

We can also help you understand how frequently a voter watches TV within that DMA.

For example, in one Midwestern state:

NON-Frequent TV Viewers

29.7% of Voters in the Turnout Audience
28.2% of the Voters in the Persuasion Audience

Within One Specific DMA
30.9% of the Turnout Audience

Within 10 Target Suburban State House Districts in One DMA
43.4% of the Turnout Audience
36.9% of the Persuasion Audience

The Key Takeaway.
There’s no denying the power of TV, but you’d be making a mistake to rely solely on TV ads to deliver your message.

A large portion of your targeted audience may not see your TV ads even if they reside within the DMA you are running ads on.

Digital advertising allows you to target those voters who will not be reached by TV ads and ensure both your turnout and persuasion audiences are messaged going into Election Day.

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