Who Do You Have in Your Sights?

Who Do You Have in Your Sights? Mobile Advertising
February 28, 2017
Brett Buerck

We recently talked through the importance of creativity in targeted mobile advertising as Tip #1 in our series on how to create an effective mobile advertising campaign.

Targeting is next.

In this #StrategySession, we’ll walk you through how targeting (both list- and location-based) is a key differentiator in mobile advertising and how you can use it to your advantage.

1. How to Use Your Lists 
One of the strongest features of mobile advertising is that unlike other mediums, mobile is audience focused and can target precise lists. In a political campaign, this will most frequently come from matching a voter file to a list of unique devices. In a brand campaign, this could be targeting past customers via a CRM (customer relationship management) list. Be sure to ask your vendor if they have the ability to target an audience list. 

2. Take Advantage of Location
Sometimes location is going to be the best way to target, as it is a great indicator of intent. For example, people who attend a college football game are likely going to be interested in football related ads. Advertisers can both deliver ads to people at events in real-time or go back and target people who attended events that have already occurred. 

3. The Importance of Repetition
Just like with any advertising, repetition on mobile devices is key. Make sure you are hitting your audience enough times over the course of the campaign to ensure the message sinks in and resonates. On a typical month long flight, you should be hitting your audience at least once per day to generate an increase in awareness. 

The final post in this series will cover how ads are delivered and the importance of trust in creating an effective mobile advertising campaign. Be sure to sign up for our email updates to receive Tip #3, and let us know when you’re ready to get started.