At Your Fingertips

At Your Fingertips: Mobile Advertising
January 25, 2017
Brett Buerck

What goes into creating an effective mobile advertising campaign?

We’ve wrangled it all down to three important stages:

The most important lesson to learn is to use mobile correctly.

If you treat mobile ads like digital yard signs, you’re wasting the power of the technology and the medium. The right mobile can and should drive home your message through a combination of creative, targeting and delivery.

We’ll dive more into targeting and delivery in parts two and three. Let’s start at the beginning now, with the creative:

1. Plan for mobile.
Mobile creative is different from the creative in an online ad. There are the physical boundaries; sizes are simply different. The art and concept behind a large, vertically oriented 160x600 skyscraper digital ad is not going to work in a small, horizontally oriented 320x50 banner mobile ad. There are also the technical boundaries. What isn’t possible as a digital ad may be possible as a mobile ad, with the creative freedom of rich media ads.

Remember, a mobile ad isn’t meant to be a digital yard sign. If used correctly, combining the right creative with the right technology with the right plan to ensure your message carries enough weight behind it, mobile advertising is an effective persuasion and motivation tool.

2. Ensure ads are engaging.
We have talked about the need to keep text short and sweet. That’s certainly true in the print world, but it’s also just as important in the digital landscape and especially in mobile. Save the longer message for your landing page and cut to the chase on the ad itself. That’s where humor, bright colors and interesting movement can be very effective on the small screen.

3. Button it all up with a clear call to action.
You want that click. You want the viewer to be pulled into the ad and engage with it. A clear call to action and a descriptive button that leads the viewer from the ad and onto the next step is vital to an effective mobile advertising campaign.

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