What are yard signs really costing you?

What are yard signs really costing you? Mobile Advertising
January 10, 2017
Brett Buerck

You have $2,500.

You can buy 1,500 yard signs.

You can buy a flight of mobile advertising.

Which do you choose?

So again, which would you choose?

Part of running a smart campaign is deciding where to allocate limited resources.

For $2,500, you can buy about 1,500 yard signs. You’ll have to secure locations. You’ll have to get those distributed and put up, and then follow up repeatedly to ensure they stay up. You’ll never know who saw them, or if that person did anything after seeing a  yard sign to connect with you. In fact, there’s really no way for a person to connect with you via a yard sign. It sits there, lonely and disconnected from today’s real world.

Or, you can deliver a flight of mobile advertising to your targeted audience, with a memorable and creative message that catches their eyes where their eyes are today, on the mobile devices Americans are checking 8 billion times a day. You can persuade and motivate them into taking a specific action, including visiting a website, watching a video, donating, signing up as a volunteer, or giving you their email address for future connections. That’s the power behind mobile – it’s a connection.

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