Top Five Answers We Need from Our Mobile Clients

Targeted Mobile Advertising That Works
July 25, 2016
Brett Buerck

Mobile advertising is complicated.

  • There’s targeting.
  • There’s creative.
  • There’s delivery.
  • There’s fraud.
  • There are bots.

That’s just the basics.

You’ve learned a lot about targeted mobile advertising here, from viewability and the problem with fraud and bots to the various ways to target to the creative keys behind ensuring your message is seen and remembered.

After more than 1,000 mobile campaigns, we’ve narrowed down our Top Five answers we need to get the most out of your mobile flight, successfully persuade your audience and motivate them to take action.

To get the most out of targeted mobile advertising, answer these questions:

  1. What is the goal of the flight?

Let’s talk endgame. Is this flight designed to encourage voters to cast a ballot or contact their legislator? Is it aimed toward voter registration or early voting? Are we persuading? Are we turning out? What do you want people to do once they see your ad? Mobile advertising done right can make an impact, changing the minds of voters and inspiring them to sign up, vote or contact their representative.

  1. Who are we targeting?

Targeting and messaging go hand-in-hand. With mobile advertising, we can tailor the message to the audience, similar to voter contact mail. The key here is data and being able to use microtargeting and modeling data to identify your universe. We talked about that in depth here.

  1. Where will users go once they click? Is your site mobile-friendly?

This is often dictated by the mobile flight’s overall goal. Often clicks will send users straight to a candidate’s website, but users who click on ads geared toward GOTV, for instance, will be taken to a website that tells them where and when to vote. One of the most important things to remember is the overall user experience and ensuring the landing page for your ads is mobile-friendly.

  1. Do you have a video to incorporate into your flight?

Video is one of the most engaging kinds of mobile advertising. Time and time again, video gets the engagement and clicks that campaigns need. There are major differences between a video prepared for TV and a video prepared for mobile. The mobile screen is smaller in size, but not impact.

  1. What other advertising are you doing?

Voter contact mail, TV, radio, phones … Winning campaigns effectively coordinate a variety of voter contact mediums to maximize reach and deliver a cohesive message. Repetition is key.

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