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Bet on Prescriptive Analytics

Causeway Solutions’ Bill Skelly joins the Majority Strategies #StrategySession today in a discussion of prescriptive analytics.

Causeway Solutions‘ Bill Skelly joins the Majority Strategies #StrategySession today in a discussion of prescriptive analytics. Let’s get started.

Businesses thrive on being able to make decisions based on past events, analyzing returning customers and their buying behavior.

In traditional sales and marketing metrics, understanding what has happened in the past is the best indicator for understanding what will happen in the future.

  • In business, it’s making a purchase.
  • In advocacy, it is historical actions taken.
  • In politics, it’s vote history.

But what if everything just changed?

How do you measure something that hasn’t happened?

How do you place odds on a maiden horse race when, by definition, none of the horses have ever run?

How do you rebound from a global pandemic and historic unemployment?

How do you create analytics to measure a Trump vs. Clinton election that has never happened?

You bet on prescriptive analytics.

We see it every election. Pundits and political leaders make predictions about winners and losers in races up and down the ballot.

Like the sports world, many of those match-ups are brand new, with two candidates facing each other on the ballot for the first time.

Without any historical data, how does one predict which candidate will win?

Take 2016’s matchup of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. A race like that had never been run. There were no large historical observational datasets from which odds could be placed.

The key components of accurate predictions?

First, math and analytics. Those are obvious.

Less obvious but no less important, logic and domain knowledge.

At Causeway Solutions, the math and analytics are something we do very well, but our capabilities aren’t measured by that alone.

What defines Causeway Solutions – and defines the work we do for you – is our ability to bring domain knowledge to the analytics.

We’ve been there.

We’ve done these campaigns.

We deliver results when limited quantitative data exists.

Causeway Solutions has mastered the art of prescribing the future – not predicting it.

No one can predict the future. That’s smoke, mirrors and magic.

We prescribe the future, through experience, data and analytics.

Through our data-driven predictive modeling approach, we provide detailed insights about individual people and prescribe a course of action that enables a political, marketing or advocacy campaign to reach its goals.

Each voter, consumer, or constituent receives a persuadability score, determining their likelihood to be receptive to your message. That enables us to identify and create custom target audiences unique to you and your goals.

That’s #DataDoneRight.

Better Data. Intelligible Analysis. Winning Outcomes.

That’s Causeway Solutions.

That’s the winning bet.

Learn more about Causeway Solutions and contact Bill Skelly and the team here.