Believe in the Magic of Mail.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, with 2016 right around the corner. Anyone who has been around politics…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, with 2016 right around the corner.

Anyone who has been around politics knows that it takes a workshop full of elves to get “Santa” across the finish line on Election Day. Campaigns rely on teams of staff, volunteers, consultants and advisors and a sack full of tools to be successful.

One of the main tools of success? Direct mail.

Mail is one of the most targetable mediums in political campaigns, and microtargeting enables mail to deliver specific messages to the right voters.

Think of it like this.

Just like Santa, we get your polling crosstabs and modeling data, and we check them twice.

Then we deep data dive and crunch the numbers to see who is “nice” – your subset of supporters and persuadable voters – and who is “naughty” – those voters we’re never going to win.

Polling crosstabs and modeling data ensure we know what everyone wants for Election Day.

We use those crosstabs and modeling data to create mail plans and mail universes that ensure we are targeting every last house on the “nice” list while not wasting precious time and resources on those on the “naughty” list. 

Through our deep data dive, we can identify and build highly-targeted universes and deliver specific, voter-driven messages to grow your “nice” list for Election Day. We can also decipher what voters believe about you, why they support you and which need to know more about you before they truly believe you can deliver on their wishes.

That is the magic of mail. We build universes, target specific voters with nuanced messages and then deliver the goods like Santa from his sleigh – individually, house by house.

Mail talks to the voter, each voter … like Santa.

When Santa Claus comes to town, he delivers mail about healthcare to seniors because that was the #1 issue seniors 65 and older cared about in your polling crosstabs.

He’ll have made his list, he’ll have checked it twice, to find out college educated married men and women want a better, more secure future for their children, and their mail will talk about that.

Now you might still doubt the magic of mail because some people have told you TV is the only way to fly.

But Santa doesn’t just drop a sack full of presents from the air and blanket the neighborhood below him.

See TV isn’t the greatest medium to deliver a targeted message to voters. Sure, TV has its place in campaigning, no one is suggesting otherwise.

But if you need to target voters, TV can’t do that for you. When you buy air time say in the Cincinnati/Tri-State area, roughly 1/3 of your spend is wasted on viewers outside of your targeted area.

Not to mention, you’re talking to everyone with the same message. You’re not telling individual voters what they need to hear.

Now with mail, Santa has crunched the modeling data and the crosstabs. So he knows what all the good girls and boys want for Election Day. We target multiple specific messages to those voters, ensuring they find the message that moves them in their mailboxes like presents on Christmas morning.

The magic of mail is designed to ensure you hit each house and only those houses on your “nice” list, getting you more milk and cookies for your buck.

You just have to believe …

In the magic of mail.

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