Matchmaker, Matchmaker

#AskaDesigner: Font Pairings
May 20, 2016
Bec Williamson

Find me a font.

Picking fonts is tricky business. We’ve talked about some of our favorites, where we find them and how picking the right fonts is important to ensuring a voter contact mail piece or mobile ad has the right look and feel.

Picking one font alone is tough. Picking matching pairs that work hand-in-hand is an art in itself.

We turned to our creative team in today’s #AskaDesigner and asked, “What are your favorite font pairings, and what do you look for when matching fonts?”

Designers are the matchmakers, and like the fiddler on the roof who tries to find balance in his life amid a precarious and uncertain world, they look for balance between fonts. 

Contrast is important.

“Never use two similar fonts. Instead, choose fonts that contrast well, like a feminine script paired with a thicker bold font.”

They say opposites attract, and this adage holds true for fonts as well. There’s a difference, though, between contrasting fonts and competing fonts.

“I like to pair different fonts one of two ways. If I use a sans serif as my main or most prominent font, I’ll use a serif to contrast it to create visual interest. I make sure that it has a similar feel or overall shape to keep it cohesive.”

The Majority Strategies creative team keeps everything from the size, shape and even history of the font in mind when choosing pairings.

“You want to consider two main things: historicity and style. Unless you’re intentionally trying to go against the ‘rule,’ you’ll want to find a typeface that’s from or inspired by a similar era.”

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.

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