“Y” You Need to Turn Out Millennials

“Y” You Need to Turn Out Millennials
April 2, 2019
Ashley O'Rourke

Turnout in the 2018 midterm election proved to be the highest in a midterm since 1914. Amongst those voters were many Generation Y and Z voters participating in their first midterm election.

Heading full steam into 2020 and the presidential election, where will we find millennial voters? How do we need to engage with them? What can we expect from these newer voters?

That’s the topic of this #StrategySession.

Where will we find millennials?
A Nielsen Report showed millennials are tuned into digital much more than TV to get their news. 36% reported getting their news from digital only; just 8% reported getting their news from TV only.

What do these millennial voters look like?

How do we need to engage with these millennial voters?
Digital advertising is one effective way to reach and engage with young voters.

Social Pressure Ads
These ads highlight how peers, friends, and neighbors are all voting. They focus on the social aspect of not voting being unacceptable. 

A reminder to vote can be as simple as pushing millennial voters to a landing page where they pledge to vote. As the election nears, email or SMS text reminders can remind them of when and how to vote. 

Issue Specific Ads
Millennials often have their own issues that they care about greater than the electorate at large. Digital advertising is an effective way to communicate on these issues because it is highly targeted to these populations. Consider doing ads specifically to these younger voters on the issues that speak to them. 

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